We are a generator of renewable energy based in the United Kingdom. Our policy is to create renewable energy at the point of use which we believe is good for the environment and better for the end user. Moving energy around can be wasteful so by generating and using it in the same place restricts this waste to a minimum or removes it all together.

We own domestic solar panel installations spread all over the UK and we are adding more solar to it along with biomass and air source heat pumps. 

Our shareholders own a socially responsible and environmentally friendly company that seeks to deliver true value to them and to society in general. If you want to become part of this “green energy revolution” contact us right now.


Sunlight Technology PLC is a renewable energy company created by industry innovators, Goldfield Partners. By merging all their solar EIS companies into one Goldfield has realised its’ vision of generating renewable energy at the point of use right across the United Kingdom. We believe that Sunlight Technology now has the foundations to become the leading provider of home based renewable energy generation.


Photo voltaic solar panels generate electricity from sunlight. The silicon in the solar panels converts the photons that make up sunlight into electrons that form electricity. When installed on a domestic property the electricity from the panels is converted by an inverter into electricity that can used by the homeowner and their family. Domestic solar PV systems in the UK can benefit from a government backed income called the Feed-in-Tariff scheme (FITs). Payments are made to the owner of the solar panels based on the amount of electricity that they produce. The electricity is still delivered to the house below for free.

We own thousands of domestic solar PV systems and we receive the income from all of them via FITs. This arrangement allows us to supply free green electricity to our customers whilst delivering a return to our shareholders.

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